NazRaid forums have been cleaned up and organized, post your logs in the log forum please and thanks fuckers.
Naz   created a new thread 9-29-2016 Emerald Nightmare Logs in the Raid Logs forum
Em.Awesome job to the raid team this week! 7/7 normal. Get ready for heroic next wed!
Em.Raids start tomorrow for us! If you have any fish/meat/herbs/etc that you would like to donate please put them in the Legion Mats tab in the guild vault! It would be greatly appreciated.
Em.   created a new thread 5 Year Anniversary and Halloween Bash! in the Events forum
Em.The guild anniversary party is being moved to October 22nd, along with our Halloween Party. Two awesome events in one. More info to come!
DisBtch   3 Awesome events: My birthday is the next day. :d
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