Reminder of event Team Kaly on 2015-07-07 05:00:00 pm
5-8pm. Contact Kalyope if interested.
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NazWhen mogit breaks it can be painful.
Feeldaground   10/10 would bang
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Em.Join Meft next Sunday at 5pm for the Heroic Imp Kill. This is for the guild ach and for you to get your personal ahead of the curve ach. This is NOT an alt run. If you show you are expected to bring your geared toon. Research the fight and make sure you know your shit. If you fail you will be removed, so try harder to not do so. Sign up on the in game calendar and fucking show up if you do. Talk to Meft if you have any questions, etc. Come on lazy fuckers we know you all want that ach so do it for the guild!
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