Em.Congrats to the raid team for clearing normal ToS this week! Nice job guys! Onward to heroic next week!
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Em.This week in WoW: Ana-Mouz is the world boss, MoP TW starts today, PvP Brawl: Packed House a 30 man arena event begins, Legion PvP season 4 starts today, and patch 7.2.5 is live! With the patch comes many changes and new content. New FP heirlooms are available, as well as being able to upgrade all looms to 110, crafted gear can now be upgraded to 900 ilvl, new pet battle dungeon: Deadmines, new Death of Chromie scenario which awards a title and has several pets, and much more. See wowhead if you need all the info. ToS is coming out Tuesday, which also means, this is your last week to get AHOC Guldan and Helya if you havent already. It also means get ready raiders!
Em.Patch 7.2.5 coming next Tuesday! ToS the following week! Get ready to raid guys!
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