Em.This week in WoW: This week's mythic+ affixes are bursting, skittish and tyrannical, the new world boss is Shar'thos in Val'sharah, LK TW starts today, the new arch quest gives the trinket Imp Generator, Volunteer Guard Day will be on the 28th and Children's Week starts on Monday.
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Em.This week in WoW: World Quest bonus event, Noblegarden continues, PvP Brawl Gravity Lapse Eye of the Storm, the world boss is Withered J'im and the guild raffle continues until Thursday.
Em.This week in WoW: Arena bonus event, new class campaign quests have been added, the world boss for the week is Shar'thos who drops 2 warrior hidden artifact apperances, the new arch quest awards a 5k vendor item, and Noblegarden starts monday!
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Em.This week in WoW: BC TW event, Brawl: Arathi Blizzard, DMF continues until the 8th, the arch quest gives the heirloom Spear of Rethu, the world boss for the week are the Soultakers, and the new micro-holiday March of the Tadpoles starts tomorrow.
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