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Em.This week in WoW: Mythic+ affixes are bolstering, skittish, and fortified, the world boss is Calamir, BG Bonus event, PvP Brawl: Gravity Lapse, the last wing of ToS LFR is now open, the arch quest gives ap and DMF ends sunday. This months raffle starts this week so watch for the forum post and don't forget to get your entry in!
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Em.This week in WoW: Mythic+ affixes are bursting, skittish and tyrannical, the world boss is Drugon the Frostblood, Arena Skirmish bonus event, and the guild will be doing a HFC mythic run on friday (sign up in game if you are coming).
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Em.This week in WoW: Mythic+ affixes are sanguine, volcanic and fortified, world boss is Levantus, BC TW event including Black Temple raid, Brawl: Deep Six, and LFR ToS wing 2 is now open.
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Em.This week in WoW: This week's Mythic+ Affixes are bolstering, grievous and tyrannical, Withered J'im is the world boss, pet battle bonus event, the bi-weekly arch quest gives an item that can be turned into 3 obliterum, DMF continues until Sat, and Midsummer Festival ends tomorrow, so make sure you got all your mog/toys/pets and did the dungeon. The Fireworks Spectacular is also today to celebrate the 4th! You can go to BB or any capital city to see them!
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