Ranking System
Our ranks have been revamped many times. The current system and descriptions are as follows:
( Legendary - Guild Leader ) I'm sure you all understand that one, right?
( Warforged - Council & Officer ) They are people to go to in the guild leader's absence.
Tier - Contributor ) These are people who help on a regular basis to keep Myth running.
Epic - Raider ) This is a rank for repairs during raids. You will receive it on the raiding toon only.
( Heirloom - One Year + of Service ) These people have been with Myth over a year and remained active.
( Rare - Highly Active ) These members are active in grouping, talking, helping, etc more so than others.
Uncommon - Activist ) These people are active within the guild by helping, attending, or talking.
Common - Registered Site User These people at the very least took the time to register on this site.
Vendor Trash - Entry Level New recruits & non registered members.

No Drama Period
Drama rots a guild. It creeps in and causes a slow ugly decay. Once too much of it is on hand you can't escape it and your guild will not survive it. The outcome will be the fall of your current guild and the sprouting of 1-3 sub guilds. At Myth we contain all drama. To ensure a drama free experience for all players we have a few guidelines.
I'd like to say that drama never happens but you would know I'm lying. The key is how you HANDLE it when it does. People whom cause problems that simply cannot be reasoned with will be removed. People that we can deal with will be contained. All issues will be dealt in parties or whispers until we resolve them. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is drama allowed in guild chat. Although if you would like to be removed, that would most definitely be your fastest ticket out. You know, other than putting the guild leader on ignore.

Alt & Activity Policies
Activity and alts... or should I say inactivity and alts can be a real sore spot for a guild. How does that "last online 45 years ago" in your roster really make you look?  Some would say a guild is a place that you should never be removed from. Maybe that person who did so much for you 2 years ago will resub one day. Maybe they come back and are even better than before. But what if they don't?
Some guilds have crazy rules like 1 week no log in.. boot! At Myth we try to stay in the middle of these two scenarios. Due to 11 slots being on a server and only 1000 allowed in a guild at a time it can be hard though. That would actually be under 100 people on those 1000 toons, if they all joined Myth 100%.
Because we have become so large and we house so many raid teams and what not, because we "do everything" it makes our roster a problem. We have long fought the urge to make a second guild. We are about community, we are about the experience, we are... how can I call you all fuckers at once in two guilds? It just doesn't seem like "Myth" to us. This is our solution below:
Everyone is allowed all 11 toons within Myth.
Any alts not twinking and not leveled for a 1 week period that are under level 20 (or deathknights under 65) will be removed until you bring them back in and progress on them.
Anyone inactive on a main for 5 months + is in danger. We will add you on our friends list
and there is always our site to stay in touch but once you break that point sometimes you are removed.
Any 90+ alts that are not logged into after 3 months will be removed. You can always
bring these toons back in once you decide to utilize them again.
These regulations are to keep our roster happy and friendly. Its the best way to both include new members to join our many events and keep our friends during their breaks.
Loot Regulations
Each raid is entitled to their own personal looting system. If you are in a current content raid your RL should be explaining how your loot will work. Due to our "stock and turn" vault program we do have a few rules though.
If a RL opts in they will deposit items in the vault in exchange for repairs, food and flasks.  Crystals, unneeded patterns (no TOON in your raid needs them), and essences/spirits go into the vault. No greed rolls. The vault provides the flasks and buff food, you pay it back this way. The crystals and enchanting mats are reused to enchant the very raiders who farmed them. All BoEs from the raid will be deposited into the guild vault.  Any raiders will be able to purchase the BoEs for 35% of market value to be used on their mains or alts (no reselling).  The raider who "loots" said item will be allowed to purchase it before any other raiders.  If they choose not to, the rest of the team will then be allowed to purchase it.  If a BoE has not been purchased for 1 week it will be sold on AH.
If a RL wants to "opt out" of food, flasks, chants, repairs and go rogue they are allowed to raid with their team at a non-raider rank (i.e. the rank their other toons are at) without placing items in the vault. 
RL are allowed to select if they would like to opt out or take guild repairs for the BOEs only at the beginning of a raid tier.  Once the RL has decided on a looting system they must remain on that system until the end of the tier.  RL are not required to choose the same system every tier, they will be allowed to switch if they so desire.
For mog gear if you can equip it, you may roll. During some mog runs there will be reserves. Reserves are taken 1 hour before the run if Naz is your event poster. BoEs in my mog runs must be greeded and mounts can NOT be reserved but should be needed on if you want them.
Raid Team Rules
These rules are subject to change based on the current RLs decisions.  Keeping yourself informed of these rules and any changes will help not only you, but the entire team, function more smoothly. 

While it is understandable that at some point a person may wish to switch which character they prefer to raid on, there are some rules as far as this goes.  The decision to switch needs to be discussed with the RL first and foremost.  If approved you will be allowed to raid at the RLs discretion.  The first two weeks that you are allowed to be in the raid you will be considered a reroll and have loot priority under those who have not rerolled for their main spec.  After the two week period you will be added to the normal loot priority.  This is to help insure that those who are not switching toons do not lose gear to someone who is constantly swapping, or just trying out the toon with no intention of switching permanently. 

As with the guilds repair policy, there will be an attendance policy for loot priority.  As a general rule if you fall under 75% attendance for the month you will no longer have loot priority and be under all mains and rerolls, this will be discussed by the officers and RL case by case.  This policy also applies to subs or anyone who doesn't have a permanent spot on the raid team.
All non core members that raid with the team must understand that they will be asked to leave for all progression bosses and/or if their dps is lacking and the team is unable to continue carrying them.
We have set teams found on the "Raid information" page. Each team's times, days, and roster are clearly posted for all to see. If you are in the process of being placed on a roster (you have expressed interested, gone through the process and are waiting for an opening) or if you are a sub due to crazy work hours etc you can log on during these times and hope to "sub".  This is obviously at the discretion of the raid lead and will depend on if they are doing progression and/or heroic.  If you are a sub, you can never guarantee that you will be allowed to go. 

If you are on our roster you have made the commitment to show up, on time, every raid day.  If you are unable to attend, you must contact Naz/Em or the RL to let them know, preferably ahead of time.  I give... curse!!! Comment and let us know you'll be late. Hell log into remote or the guild site.  There is never a reason for us to not know that you aren't going to be here.  If you are late, you might not be allowed into the raid.  That will be up to the raid lead. 

If you are on the roster you are promoted to Epic rank for repairs.  This rank however does rely on your attendance for both set raid days, additional raid days (such as Monday) are not taken into account.  If your attendance is below 75% for one month, the next month you may be demoted for repairs, and moved to a lower rank.  Attendance not only includes showing up, but being on time, and staying for the entire duration of the raid.  Your spot on the raid team however will be decided on by the raid lead.  If your attendance improves for one month, you will be promoted back to Epic rank.  You may be demoted/promoted as many times as needed based on your attendance.
Vault Policies
Do not steal. That seems simple. People are idiots though so allow me to explain what "stealing" is.  You may take what you need on the character you need it on.  If you need more than what you can withdraw ask a ranked member, but do not be greedy. Example: I'm leveling JCing so I need all of the gems. Really? So farm some. We are here to help everyone not just you. If you take "all" of the gems what is left?  Do not vendor, auction, or trade to your friends, anything you have removed from our vault. If you do not use it all, please put your leftovers back.
I know, I know the vault could be so much more help if it wasn't locked down so tight right? Why do we lock it down the way we do? Glyphs should be public access!  No, glyphs should be ABLE to be public access but guess what? We spent herbs, time, & effort making those and what do people do? Withdraw them by the stack. Your toon needs 20 glyphs of sap? Nope.
But Naz! Guildies wouldn't steal blues! Oh but guildies will steal vendor trash. I know, if they would steal why keep them? That is the problem. Who would steal? How do we know BEFORE we have to boot?
You go home tonight and lock your doors & we shall lock our vault, tight.